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Color your brand®

Thermal-transfer foils in your corporate color. Anyone can do black. Color print catches eyes.

That's why KURZ has created color your brand®. We will develop thermal-transfer ink ribbons for you in your exclusive corporate color, even if it involves very special color blends, which can be held constant for you over the years.

With color your brand®, KURZ is making a statement - when it comes to producing thermal-transfer foils in custom corporate colors, KURZ is leading the way. Our technology helps enhance your market presence. Labels and barcodes in corporate colors make your products even more unique.

Thermal-transfer foils product line

  • Wax ribbons
  • Wax-resin ribbons
  • Resin ribbons
  • Near-edge ribbons
  • Ink thermal-transfer ribbons


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Thermal-transfer know-how from Germany

The KURZ Group is a globally active corporation and the only producer of thermal-transfer foils in Germany. We have been producing ink ribbons for thermal-transfer printing since 1991. Our products and services are available worldwide. At KURZ we are proud of our 120-year history and our vast expertise, especially in hot-stamping technology.

Our ever-expanding range of products and services makes us market leader in this segment, and is also to the benefit of the thermal-transfer ink ribbon division. The Group's in-depth knowledge of printing processes and its international networks ensure that we are always a step ahead of technical developments.


TTR Unique - even more protection for your product

You can even take your product security a step further. We have developed a thermal-transfer foil that allows you to add information.

It only becomes visible clearly under UV light, revealing the authentication feature of your choice. This thermal-transfer foil underscores the uniqueness of your product and protects you and your customers. That's why we call it TTR Unique.


Use TTR by KURZ for your special jobs

If you are seeking a solution to a complex print job, look us up! Our development department is glad to break new ground with you.

We are looking forward to your project.
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